Permakultur Akademie
Permakultur Institut e.V.
Kreutzigerstr. 19
10247 Berlin
Tel: 030/89208488
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Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute

A Permaculture training, counseling, research and development center.

Instituto de Permacultura Cerrado-Pantanal

Good collection of permaculture information resources, with special focus on projects, courses, people, and newsletters in Brazil. (English, Spanish, and Portuguese languages)

ÖKODORF-Institut für Wohnprojekte

Knotenpunkt zwischen Gemeinschaftssuchenden, Gründungsinitiativen und bestehenden Gemeinschaften aller Art.

Permaculture Institute

Promotion of Permaculture, through education, publishing, translation, implementation, the development of curricula, and the establishment and administration of aid projects. Founded by Bill Mollison.